OK enough of stolen recipes, well this one is at least not stolen, it comes direct from my sis to her nikammi sis to convey to my abba jaan (here the nikammi factor comes :S )

Anyways enjoy :>

You can make home made strawberry ice cream in which take:

One pack of milk pack cream and whip it with beater.

Add three four spoons of caster sugar ,then take strawberries,wash, dry and blend in blender or with the thing u have for blending (shukria izzat azayi ka woh bhi blender hi hay :S)

then add strawberries in cream and add caster sugar as per your taste and then keep this mixture in freezer, mix after two hours and leave for some hours

and then enjoy strawberry ice cream.

Dont forget me if you EVER make this :>
ingredients are only sugar, cream and strawberries as much as u like.


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An amateur photographer/blogger who loves to shoot. People, Things, Places.Tend to see things from weird angles to make them look interesting in photographs.Capturing their souls. Photography is my journey into soul exploration.

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