Courtesy: My sis :>

You can make strawberry cheese cake or pie in which u need a base of biscuit it can be made with marie biscuits or wheatabix biscuits…just take some biscuits,crush them add caster sugar and some butter to make a base.

Mix these things and put in a dish and join them tightly for a solid firm base.

Take strawberries as much as u like after washing them put in sauce pan add sugar and heat at high temperature so that some sauce like thing is formed but it must not be very watery as sugar melts and make it thin ,heat it and make thick paste and then cool it in fridge

Now pour this mixture over the base u made

Then take the cream, whip it with sugar and pour over the strawberries but they must be cool not warm then decorate it with fresh strawberries

Eat when chilled – it will be shartia very tasty and very easy to make warna paisay wapis.

You’ll only be needing strawberries,sugar,cream, and marie biscuits.



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