Since deveining shrimps is a totally new thing to me and telephonic instructions doesn’t count a lot 😉   I took refuge in Internet.

Interesting things that I found.

Deveining Shrimps – A Video 

And the pictures and text from here.
Unless you’re serving a shrimp boil or grilling shrimp for a laid-back get-together, peeling and cleaning shrimp before cooking them makes for a more tasty and attractive presentation.




1. To peel raw shrimp, start underneath, where their legs are attached. If you like, leave the last tail segment on for looks.




2. Devein by making a shallow slit down the middle of the back to expose the black intestine. (To butterfly, make the slit deeper.)



3. Lift out the black vein with the point of a paring knife and wipe it off on a paper towel. You can also rinse it out under cold running water.


Photos: Mark Ferri


 Enjoy Shr(u)mp Shr(u)mp!!


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An amateur photographer/blogger who loves to shoot. People, Things, Places.Tend to see things from weird angles to make them look interesting in photographs.Capturing their souls. Photography is my journey into soul exploration.

5 responses »

  1. Rahul Sharma says:

    Tonight!!! Shall let you know how it came out.

    SidhuSaaheb might be joining me for dinner.


  2. a s m a says:

    Making shrimps?? Cool 🙂

  3. Rahul Sharma says:

    Could not find them here, made some other things instead. SidhuSaaheb shall be posting the gory details.

    So long, Ra.

  4. Sidhusaaheb says:

    As soon as Rahul shall be sending me the photos i.e. 😀

  5. Rahul Sharma says:

    I cooked some
    shrimps in coconut milk (for the first time ever!!!) -Quite Enthusiastically- this NewYear’sEve and it was… YUCKKK 😦

    All others present there simply LOVED the thing…

    It seems I do not have *and/or* developed a taste for this animal/fish/critter, yet!!!

    TastelesslySad 😦


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