I like using herbs and i’m always on look  for herbs … here’s a great find … copy pastying from here

There are 2 types grown – sweet and bush. Sweet is the one normally sold, it has largish shiny leaves, with a strong but sweet flavour. It is one of the best herbs to add to tomatoes, eggs, mushrooms and pasta dishes, and is an essential part of Italian pesto sauce. There is also a ‘Greek’basil which has tiny green leaves.
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Bay Leaves
Sweet bay or bay laurel is a mediterranean tree. The leaves are shiny, smooth and dark with a strong aromatic scent. It forms part of a classic bouquet garni and is very versatile. Add to stocks when poaching fish, or to marinades, casseroles, soups and stews. It is often used to flavour milk for use in sauces or even custard.

A member of the parsley family and traditionally part of the ‘fines herbes’ mixture used in french cookery. It has a delicate fern-like leaf with a mild aniseed flavour. It is especially good in soups, egg and cheese dishes, or added for flavour to green salad. Use also as a garnishing leaf.

A member of the onion family, chives have a mild onion flavour and long, spiky, green leaves. Chopped chives can be added to omelettes, cheese dishes, stews, soups and salad dressings. Also try mixed with soured cream, yogurt or soft cheese as a topping for baked potatoes. Very useful for garnishing dishes.
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Corinander has flat feathery leaves and is often confused with flat parsley. It has a distinctive spicy flavour and is often added to Southern European, Indian and South East Asian dishes. The leaves are chopped and added to curries, stews, soups and marinades. Often it is added towards the end of cooking times and is also used for garnishing.
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A delicate, feathery herb with an aromatic, sharp but sweet flavour. Often used in Scandinavian dishes, it is especially good with fish if added to the marinade, cooking liquid or accompanying sauces. Also try adding to vegetables, cream or cottage cheese.
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Marjoram and Oregano are often confused with each other, the difference is that sweet marjoram has small, furry leaves and a similar flavour to oregano but is sweeter and milder. It can be added to most savoury dishes, especially Italian ones. Also good with marrow, potatoes and rice. It is used mostly in Scandinavian, German and Austrian dishes, and in the cuisine of th South Western United States.
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The most common type of mint used is Spearmint, named after it’s spear-shaped leaf. Mint is a really versatile herb used in alot of countries, from Middle East salads to British new potatoes to American mint julep cocktails. The peppermint leaf is rarely used in cooking, but the oil is used for making sweets and medicinal flavourings. Pennyroyal used to be a favourite in black puddings and herb teas

A herb used in many Mediterranean cuisines – especially those of Italy and Greece. The flavour is similar to Marjoram but stronger and the leaves are larger and darker. It will enhance many meat dishes and it is often added to salads, pizza and tomato based dishes.

Flat and curled Parsley
An essential part of a bouquet garni. Parsley livens up the most savoury dishes and is often used as a garnish, either chopped or as sprigs. The most familiar varieties are the curly leaved parsley and the french or flat parsley, which has more flavour. Add chopped leaves to salads, soups, sauces and cooked vegetables. It is said that if you chew it after garlic it will remove the smell.

Rosemary grows best in a mild climate, it is an evergreen and has lavender-blue flowers. It is a pungent, fragrant shrub with small, narrow leaves, set densely on the branches. It is often used with lamb but it can be used with other meats, in Italian dishes such as ‘pasta e fagioli'(soup with pasta and beans) and in vegetable dishes such as ratatouille or added to marinades.

A strong flavoured herb with narrow, pale grey-green leaves with a rough texture. Traditionally used with pork, live and in stuffings. But it can be used with any richly flavoured meat, and in cheese and tomato dishes.

One of the classic’fine herbes’, there are two varieties of this herb – French and Russian. French is harder to frow but it has more flavour than the Russian. It has a distinctive flavour and shiny, narrow leaves. It is widely used in vinegars, soups, stuffings, sauces and salad dressings. Also good with roast meat, poultry dishes and fish.

This is one of the favourite of the roburst herbs and is indispensable to most stocks, sauces, stews and braisings.It should be used in a bouquet garni. The small dark green bushy leaves have a strong flavour, so use with care! Try combining with meat, fish, soups, stews and vegetables.


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