Eton Mess is blissfully straightforward to assemble. Here’s all you need to feed four.

* 500 g / 1 lb fruit of your choice (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc)

* 500 ml / 1 pint of double or whipping cream

* 8-12 meringue nests

* a little icing sugar (optional, depending on the sweetness of the fruit)

* a large decorative glass bowl, individual glasses or dishes to serve

Think about your presentation before you begin.

If you want to appear as a generous host, a large bowl piled high with the delicious mix does the trick.

If you want to look classy, serve the pudding in tall glasses with long spoons. Alternatively, arrange the meringue and fruit/cream in layers on a plate as in the picture below.

You could even go ‘Pavlova’ and use a two large meringues instead of small ones. This isn’t traditional, but looks very elegant and would suit an ‘occasion’ like a wedding or christening party.

Eton Mess

Wash the fruit. If you’re using strawberries and they’re very large, cut them in half.

Blend half the fruit to a puree. Add the icing sugar if the fruit seems tart, but remember that it needs to cut the richness of the cream.

Whip the cream until it stands in firm peaks.

Crumble the meringues (if serving in a bowl) or arrange them on a plate.

Fold the pureed fruit into the whipped cream, then add the crumbled meringue.

Pile into a large bowl or individual dishes and scatter with the remaining fruit.

Serve at once, or keep cool until needed. (Don’t keep it too long or too warm or the cream will run!)

Via Essentially England


You can also check out this recipe with meringues added in 🙂


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