I was just copying few recipes to my recipe Book (OK even if I’m not a frequent kitchen goer for cooking) I do own a cook book (thanks to traditions of my Mom – but she used to cook too ) anyways being a spoil brat I stay with writing part only

Hence I thought let’s accumulate the recipes to a blog ….!

So here the recipes’ go — See if you get benefited too :>

And the beautiful header is a Macro of Yuzu, shortbread, spruce yogurt, pistachio taken by Hello  Kitty 


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  1. Rahul Sharma says:

    Thanks for effectively ending the beginning of the end of my pogrom that I so laboriously undertook a few years ago.

    It was going down these days, due to constant traveling and eating out, due to the new job that I have undertaken, however, this site of yours shall be the Cherry over the Rotund Pudding!!!



  2. |eemz says:

    And i recently discovered my “deepest passion” for, may it be cooking, baking, continental, desi , chinese you name it. i enjoy cooking for parties, iftaries and what not. GOd! I’m “janooni” about it. In the morning just before sehri i was craving for “Gulab Jaman”, got up areound 3 in the morning, made batter, fried and viola! ate tem with great realish hehe

    And since we share ‘another’ interest, so i enjoy searching for reipes in here aswell. I’m going to try the almond drink you have mentioned.

    Stay beautiful, may it be green :p

  3. I feel complete after i cook.
    this site is just fantastic.
    salute for the hardwok

  4. I feel complete after i cook.
    this site is just fantastic.
    salute for the hardwork

  5. Janine Winters says:

    I put so much LOVE in my cooking that God gave me the gift to make people happy when they eat my food.
    I will try yours recipes. They remind me my childwood and it was good!

  6. Desi Chinese says:

    Excellent article. I absolutely love this site.

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